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This is an older version of Eleventy. Go to the newest Eleventy docs (current path: /docs/accessibility/) or the full release history.

Accessibility Statement #

The Eleventy project recognizes that Accessibility is an incredibly important baseline to developing inclusive and quality software. On Eleventy web properties specifically, we aim to meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards and to support our development community to do the same.

If you’ve encountered an issue with our web site—accessibility or otherwise—please let us know! The best way to do this is filing a new GitHub issue on the 11ty-website repository.

We are also available on Twitter at eleven_ty’s twitter avatar@eleven_ty or feel free to contact GitHub Avatar for zachleat@zachleat directly.

Our Eleventy Leaderboards encourage best practices on sites that were Built with Eleventy through performance and accessibility auditing (via Lighthouse and axe) but automated auditing systems are only a starting point.

It’s very important that we take responsibility for the code we publish and deliver and strive to correct accessibility issues with the same veracity as a full service outage.

Accessibility Resources #

Tools #

Automated Auditing #

Compatibility Tests #

People to Follow #

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the accessibility development community is to follow the experts. Many of these folks are participants in the Eleventy community too!

Organizations to Follow #