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The possum is Eleventy’s mascot

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A new Eleventy mascot from Geri Coady #

2021 October 18

The Eleventy Mascot is becoming a series! Our project has continued with its pseudo-regular refresh of the famed possum on a balloon and the latest in the series is from acclaimed designer, illustrator, and author Geri Coady!

3 possums suspended from a red balloon

I really like this iteration and the unique style Geri brought to the project—especially the addition of two littles, which to me is a lovely nod to how our community has grown!

Geri Coady is a color-obsessed Canadian illustrator and designer living in Nottingham, UK. A former ad agency art director, she has worked with companies including Simply Accessible, Nokia Withings, Scholastic, and A List Apart, as well as numerous magazines including Courier and Standart. She is the author of Color Accessibility Workflows by A Book Apart and was voted net Magazine’s Designer of the Year in 2014. Her side business, Geri Draws Japan, showcases her love for Japanese culture through original art prints, pins, stationery and more.

Eleventy Mascot Series #

(Unknown Name)
James Williamson. 22 May 2018. Before the possum, there was the cat
James Williamson. 22 May 2018. James pioneered the static-generating possum.
Phineas X. Jones. 18 December 2019. Our first commissioned iteration.
(Not yet named)
Geri Coady. July 2021. Our second commission! The community has grown.

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