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Shout out to Jamstack Conf 2021 Jammies Award Winners #

2021 October 07

We are super excited to let y’all know that two projects in the Eleventy community have won Jamstack Conf 2021 Jammies Awards!

On the Netlify blog: Jammies Award Winners 2021

The A11Y Project wins the Social Impact Award #

On the A11Y Project Blog: The A11Y Project receives a Jammy

Congratulations to IndieWeb Avatar for Fisher, IndieWeb Avatar for Gaebel Jr., IndieWeb Avatar for Bailey, IndieWeb Avatar for Downs, IndieWeb Avatar for Jones, IndieWeb Avatar for Sengupta, IndieWeb Avatar for Vinkle, IndieWeb Avatar for Mac, and Wayne Elgin for The A11Y Project!

We're humbled to receive this award. Thank you to our contributors and maintainers, the @jamstackconf team and attendees, and to @zachleat and @eleven_ty for making this all possible!

— The A11Y Project (@A11YProject) October 7, 2021

The Eleventy Meetup wins Outstanding Community Meetup #

Congrats to IndieWeb Avatar for Karamalegos, IndieWeb Avatar for Eckles, and IndieWeb Avatar for M. Semmler!

Aw we're feeling all the warm fuzzies over here. Thanks to all our great speakers and attendees too!

— EleventyMeetup (@EleventyMeetup) October 6, 2021

I did want to acknowledge the Jamstack Toronto meetup too, check out their upcoming 11ties Event on 11/11.

Special Recognition #

While Eleventy didn’t win our Ecosystem Innovation Award (congrats to Astro!), we did get an honorable mention!

This category was the most interesting voting experience for us. 11ty and Astro had a close call all through the voting process up until the last minute when Astro won the race with 3 extra votes. We recognize 11ty’s impact and all the amazing things it is enabling on the modern web.

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