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A special note of remembrance for James Williamson #

2019 December 18

I just want to take a brief moment to remember the very special James Williamson who passed away earlier this month. James was diagnosed with ALS in 2013 and was known for his widespread teaching contributions to the web community. Probably the least of which, but one that I will always remember, was his creation of the floating possum mascot for our little Eleventy project. This mascot (nay, mastcot, because it lives in the masthead ok fine but James would have liked that one) lives at the top of the Eleventy docs and links to the Twitter thread he started in 2018. Though we never met in real life, James was clearly a one-of-a-kind. We will miss you ❤️

Donations may be made in James’ name to The ALS Therapy Development Institute or to Quest Youth Ministries at St. John's United Methodist Church.

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